Hey, I’m Sabrina

a wedding & elopement photographer based in southern california

Let's get real
If you're looking for a photographer that is just going to show up, pose you in front of their camera and go home then we might not be the best fit

The relationship I create with my couples is extremely important to me and is what allows me to capture all of the silly, candid and intimate moments between you guys! I wanna get to know all about you two but I think it’s important you get to know me as well so here’s a bit of my story.

I grew up in San Diego and I'm a California girl through and through

I’m 23 years old and I now live in Los Angeles (although my heart will always be in San Diego) and I absolutely love living in California! Nothing makes my heart quite as happy as the endless sunny days and being able to cruise by the beach! Aside from my love for the beach I absolutely love getting away to the mountains and exploring national parks all over the country. My favorite national parks are Yosemite and Sequoia (who can really choose am I right??) and visiting all of the national parks is definitely on my bucket list!

This is me and my boo! We've been together for 4 and a half years and our story is pretty cheesy

We met freshman year of college at Boston University as chemistry lab partners! After spending hours on lab reports together and finding other excuses to hang out we became inseparable and the rest is history! We both finally graduated last year with degrees in Mechanical Engineering (crazy I know!) and while I’m an engineer-turned-photographer, Oleg is a bad ass engineer and works at a company that builds rockets (there’s never a subtle way to say explain that… haha)

After we graduated we left the brutal Boston winters for sunny California!

We live in Los Angeles together now with our two fur babies, General Sherman and Sequoia and we’re way too proud cat parents haha. There’s absolutely nothing we love more than traveling together! When we were in college we studied abroad in New Zealand and then traveled all around Southeast Asia afterwards. We never stop talking about our adventures from that time and we’re always planning our next epic trip!

These are our cutie kittens General Sherman and Sequoia, and yes I'm obsessed with them

Funny story about how we ended up with two cats. A couple of years ago we took a road trip up to Sequoia National Park. We were staying at an airbnb right outside the park in Three Rivers and one night out of nowhere these tiny little kittens the size of my hand came crawling into our backyard! We waited to see if their mom would show up but when she didn’t we decided to take them in! And hence the names Sequoia (obviously named about the park) and General Sherman named after the General Sherman Tree!

Some fun facts about me!

+ Sabrina Kaye is actually my real first and last name. A lot of people think Kaye is my middle name or a pseudo name that I just made up!


+ I’ve been to 23 countries and counting! I can never pick an absolute favorite but a few of my favorites are New Zealand, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, and Thailand!


+ I’m half Bolivian on my mom’s side!


+ I’m obsessed with interior design, planning road trips, hanging out at the beach, eating yummy food, traveling around the world and of course taking photos of adorable couples!

Before I became a wedding photographer I loved taking landscape photos on my iPhone

You gotta start somewhere right? It never crossed my mind to turn photography into my job but once I started photographing couples I completely fell in love with every aspect of it! It still feels so wild to me that I get to photograph rad couples and travel the world for my job but I feel so lucky every single day! I absolutely love becoming friends with all my couples and being a part of so many special moments! I wanna know all about you and your story so come say hey and let’s make some memories!

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