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Wanna plan an epic adventure together?

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things in life and I’ve been to 23 countries and counting! I absolutely love traveling to new and unique places and I’m always daydreaming of my next adventure! If you’ve been wanting to plan something different and spontaneous and you’re interested in exploring one of the places on my bucket list or happen to be in one of the places I’ll be this year then reach out to get some awesome discounts on my packages!

If you’re thinking of another cool destination that’s not on either of my lists then reach out anyway and let’s plan something fun together! There are so many other places I still want to explore that don’t all fit on my humble little list so shoot me an email with what you have in mind and let’s do this thing!

Locations I’m Traveling 2020

Thinking about planning a session in one of these spots? Reach out to me to get a discount while I’m there!

Let’s climb up mountains, run around

under a golden sun and capture all of your

little moments

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Ready to plan something epic together?

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